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Meet the team

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Jannik Ehring


Jannik is co-founder and CEO of Amicata GmbH. He leads the company's organizational processes and is responsible for the development and implementation of projects in various industries. With his extensive experience in intercultural communication, especially with Asian companies, he supports B2B customers with Japanese, Chinese and Korean company structures. His passion is creating trade fair appearances that optimally present his customers' brands and appeal to their target groups.

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Mahkam Khakpour


Mahkam is co-founder and COO at Amicata GmbH. With a BA in costume design, he brings his creative expertise as a costume and stage designer to the team. His extensive professional experience in advertising and theater enables him to develop innovative and appealing concepts.

In his role as production manager, Mahkam is responsible for the distribution of tasks in the production facility and ensures that production runs smoothly. In addition, he monitors the industrial machines in the production facility to ensure the highest quality and efficiency.

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Laura Nimsgarn

Head of Sales

As Head of Sales at Amicata GmbH, Laura has extensive experience in coordinating point-of-sale activities. She is responsible for developing and implementing the sales strategy and organizing sales events.

Her passion is selling products that underline the personality and style of her customers. With her outstanding ability to understand customer needs and offer innovative sales solutions, Laura makes a significant contribution to Amicata achieving its sales goals and building customer relationships based on trust and satisfaction.

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Julian Khakpour

Head of Logistics

Julian is the Head of Logistics at Amicata GmbH. With extensive knowledge of logistics acquired over the years, he is largely responsible for the efficient organization and management of all of the company's logistical processes.

His tasks include planning and coordinating transport and warehousing.

As Head of Logistics, Julian plays a crucial role in identifying and implementing improvement measures in logistical processes in order to increase efficiency and minimize bottlenecks.

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