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All-in-one: planning, advice and implementation

Amicata creates unforgettable brand experiences at various events, promotes encounters and awakens emotions. We are known for our exclusive events that set new standards. As an all-in-one event agency, we take care of the entire organization, from conception to reporting. We offer both live streams of offline events and purely digital events.

Our range of services

Exhibition construction

Design, technology, logistics, stand construction and coordination with the venue.

Project/event management

Digital, analog, hybrid, national, international - all formats are possible.


Exclusive sale of their products at events.

Promotion/Staff Service

Promoter, walking acts, presenters, security, film crews, supervisor

Stage/event program

Conception, bookings, personnel, technology, coordination


Live documentation, social media analysis, tailored to your business.

Customers who already trust us

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Unforgettable events

Our main goal is to improve the perception and awareness of your brand by designing events and promotions that create positive impressions and are subsequently associated with your company. We want to create an emotional connection with the audience through our work, especially through direct interaction with participants or guests. This connection should strengthen the long-term relationship between your company and your target group.

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Performance overview

As an all-in-one event agency, we create a structure and process for you to achieve your personal campaign. If desired, we can create a timeline with time targets. No matter whether location, technology, personnel, security or program, with us you can cover everything instead of having to look for various cooperation partners for a project. Of course, we are also open to cooperation with other service providers.

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Trade fair construction

Amicata has the resources, experience and contacts to implement a wide variety of trade fair stands. Our goal is to get the most out of the available budget so that your stand stands out. Stylistic devices that are often used here are activations, lighting, HQ furniture and exciting production design.

Thanks to a broad customer base and thus optimized logistics, you save on the fixed costs that arise when building a trade fair.

Promotion/STAFF Service

Staff is required for almost every project. Not only do we have the opportunity to draw from a large pool of promoters and talents, but we also train them specifically on the product and important contacts on site, so customers always have a competent first impression of their project/event.

Through various partnerships, we have access to professional and trained service providers who can offer a solution for every conceivable situation, such as moderation, interpreting, social media, influencers, video documentation.

Briefings are prepared in cooperation with the customer and, if necessary, approved by several departments in various languages.

Promotion Service
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Project/Event Management

Regardless of the size and duration of a project, a concept is needed. We take on the planning and implementation of projects and events, regardless of whether they are for a short period of one evening or a project lasting several years. Close communication with the client and their partners is particularly important to us, as is our "main skill" of flexibility. We develop emergency concepts in case various circumstances or other events threaten the success of the project.

Bühne-/ Event Programm

Stage/event program

Discover our comprehensive range of services for organizing your stage program! With our booking service, we offer you the opportunity to hire highly qualified presenters, influencers with a wide reach and other talented artists for your event. Our experts take care of every step of the implementation, from selecting the perfect personalities to seamless integration into your program. Give your event an incomparable shine with our services and let your stage shine!



We offer you tailor-made retailing solutions for events! With our own cash register system, we offer you efficient processing of your sales directly on site. By picking up items and handling the accounting through us, you can concentrate on what's important - your event and your customers. Thanks to our service, you benefit from less bureaucratic effort and can concentrate fully on achieving your goals.


We offer live documentation that allows operations and events to be captured and updated in real time. We also conduct precise social media analysis to gain insights into customer opinions and needs. These analyses are tailored specifically to the needs and objectives of your operation to provide customized solutions for effective decision making and performance improvement.

Financial report


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